We are very interested in Internet of Things (IoT) and wanted to develop an app for new smart wearables

What do you feel like doing? A Meal, A Beverage or something to do...

Suggestions are based on your Smart wearable info and I-mbored Smart cloud service

Modern smart wearables collect many valuable information. I-mbored app will help you to make smarter choices. I-mbored app for your smart wearable will be available soon.


Remember to ask at least five (5) Whys

  • 1- Why would you need I-mbored app?
    I-mbored app suggests smarter choices quickly based on the information gathered by your smart wearable and I-mbored smart cloud service.
  • 2- Why would you want to do that?
    Too difficult to pick a good choice or can’t think of anything interesting.
  • 3- Why is it difficult to pick a choice?
    Not knowing what is good and interesting or too many options available and confused.
  • 4- Why would you not know?
    Not familiar with area, not sure what is available at the time, not sure of the choice.
  • 5- Why would I pick the choice suggested by the I-mbored app?
    First, I-mbored app quickly collect information such as current time, location, outside temperature, your heart rate and then combine that information with I-mbored Smart cloud service to make the best choice for you. If you don’t like the choice, ask for another choice until you are satisfied.